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“MISSION STATEMENT” – To assist our clients with Work Force Solutions to enhance their profitability.

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WHO ARE WE? We are locally owned and operated and have been in the staffing business for over 25 years. The fact that Sullivan’s Staffing, Inc. is an independent company that does not have to split their revenue with a corporate office allows us to be very competitive while maintaining a reasonable level of profitability.

The company includes Professional Staffing Consultants, a Sales Team, Risk Management Department and an experienced Human Resource Team to service the expanding list of over 800 clients. We specialize in hiring and placement assistance for the following professions and employment categories: Professional, Management, Administrative, Medical, Technical and Industrial. We take pride in offering employment opportunities along with enhancing the careers of over 500 plus employees in full-time positions on an annual basis.

We have four distinctly different companies that can provide you with different services. The four companies, Sullivan’s Staffing, Sullivan’s Administrative Managers,, and Sapelo Insurance each provide you with a wide selection of personnel strategies to solve your employment challenges. Before we recommend the first candidate, we make it our business to understand yours. Our approach is that each client is distinct and requires different solutions to different situations. With our four companies we are able to provide each client with a seamless blend of services that will provide the best solution for that client.
So in your search for the right staff, don’t settle for applicants, insist on viable candidates.

Insist on Sullivan’s Staffing, Inc.

What are the specific services that Sullivan’s Staffing Inc. provides?

1. Vacancy fill in – When the traditional need for help exists due to illness, maternity leave, vacation, termination, resignation, etc., we are happy to help with short term replacements or a probationary hire.

2. Probationary Hiring – Sullivan’s Staffing provides screened and tested applicants for a probationary period of 90 days. Ongoing performance monitoring to confirm candidate suitability. Clients have the option of replacing the employee at any time or transferring employee to client’s payroll after the 90- day trial. This method of personnel placement has been a great help to small businesses with the current tight labor market.

3. Peak Period Staffing – We provide employees to help staff your facility when peak seasons require extra work for the short term. This planned approach to staffing can reduce overtime and improve production.

4. Outsourcing -This service allows a client to relinquish control of a project or internal activity so as to increase productivity. A good example of outsourcing is allowing Sullivan’s Staffing to hire, train and supervise the data entry department of a large hospital. The hospital has a fixed cost per chart entered. Instead of paying an hourly wage to an internal employee, Sullivan’s costs are directly related to productivity. The costs are parallel to the amount of production.

5. Contract Staffing – This service is a form of outsourcing where Sullivan’s Staffing, Inc. provides all labor and management for a project or internal function.

6. Payroll – Payrolling involves the client identifying an employee to outsource to Sullivan’s Staffing, Inc. for the purpose of reducing their overhead expenses in the following areas: payroll, payroll taxes, state unemployment and workers compensation risk.

7. Customized Services – Sullivan’s Staffing will provide flexible services based on the needs of the client. The fee for services is negotiable based on expense and personnel needs. These services could include resume verification, reference checks, employee drug screening, criminal background checks, customized testing or skill evaluations, and much more human resource services.

8. Outplacement Services – We provide free outplacement services to employees looking for employment. If required by our clients, we can help large numbers of employees find employment for a fee. In this tight labor market, we are constantly recruiting to find the best -qualified employees and place them onto their career path.

9. Career Placement Services – Sometimes called headhunting. As an executive search firm we are committed to provide our clients with a timely and efficient method of recruiting successful professionals. Our fees are on a contingency basis and are payable by the employer only if a candidate is actually hired.

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