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Sullivan’s Staffing is Savannah based Staffing and Hiring company earning a reputation for quality since our beginning in 1986. Our mission is to assist our clients with Work Force Solutions to enhance their profitability. We have been providing the best talent and hiring for businesses for over 30 years. Reduce your liability, save time and money with our Hire Right Services.


We are your solution to attract and retain the best talent through our comprehensive recruiting and staffing program, specializing in the fields of Professional, Management, Administrative, Healthcare, Technical and Skilled Industrial.

We take pride in selecting our employees and offering employment opportunities to learn new skills, earn competitive pay along with advancing their careers. We offer a comprehensive benefit program such as health insurance, holiday, vacation pay, bonus incentives and group discounts. Each candidate will go through extensive screenings, such as employment references, drug test, criminal background checks, and skills assessments. All candidates will be qualified according to the Client’s/Company’s hiring metrics.

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