Legal Alert – No Vaccine Passports in Georgia

No Vaccine Passports in Georgia

An executive order signed May 25 by Gov. Kemp prohibits any state agency, provider of state services, or state property from implementing a Vaccine Passport Program or otherwise requiring an individual to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination. The order also further states that data from the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transaction and Services will not be shared with public or private entities for the purpose of facilitating a VPP or for otherwise determining the Covid-19 vaccination status of any individual.

While the order prohibits private employers from accessing or using the vaccination data held by the state, it does not explicitly prohibit private employers from requesting proof of vaccination from their employees through any source other than the state-held data. However, private employers that request proof of vaccination should ensure they do not implicate the ADA by asking subsequent questions that might elicit information about a disability.

Written by: Gordon M. Berger

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