How Managers Can Help Working Parents Whose Kids Have Returned to School

The COVID-19 pandemic hit working parents with plenty of challenges when it came to caring for schoolchildren who were suddenly learning from home: They had to homeschool, and alternate child care and entertain bored kids when the schoolwork was done. Now that some children have returned to in-person classes, whether part time or all day, working parents have to pivot once again, juggling job duties with family responsibilities while wrestling with the worry that colleagues and managers will view them as less than dedicated to their jobs.
Sending kids back to school—whether during a normal school year or after children have been cloistered at home for months learning remotely—”brings an array of challenges,” which provides employers with benefits programs to help workers care for children, seniors, pets and their homes. “New caregivers, new schedules and new after-school programs all require a period of adjustment that working parents are balancing with their responsibilities.”

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