Case Study: Accident frequency and severity had pushed a manufacturing client to the brink of the Assigned Risk Pool. By working with Sullivan’s to implement an aggressive safety program, the firm was able to save 19% year one, and experienced 15% decreases each of the next two years.

Sullivan’s Administrative Managers absorb many of the risks involved in personnel management. Our extensive workers’ compensation program minimizes your risk and maximizes your freedom to focus on your business’ growth.

Our comprehensive package addresses such concerns as:

  • Annual Audit
  • Experience Modifier Negotiation
  • Shopping
  • Claims Administration
  • First Report of Injury
  • Post Accident Drug Testing
  • Return to Work Programs

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to handle these concerns competently and effectively, offering a peace of mind previously prohibited. When we assume these risks, you can rest assured that both you and your employees are cared for and protected.

Your Advantages with SAM

Compliance Keep OSHA away from your door Avoid huge potential penalties No Workers’ Compensation audits or deposits Cost based on usage … pay as you go Avoid lump sum payments of 5-30% Rate Stability No steep rate hikes Claim Management Just call us and claims are handled A to Z Reduced management cost and time SAM reduces your liability by assuming responsibility for injuries, Better Modifier Rating, Less financial exposure Fewer injuries, Avoid expense of 4-7 times the actual cost of a claim, No interruptions in the delivery of your product or service