Payroll Outsourcing Savannah- Payroll Services Savannah Georgia

SAM’s cost-effective system provides confidential, consistent, long-term payroll solutions. All you have to do is report hours and pay to our payroll experts. We handle all other aspects and assume liability under our Tax ID Number (FEIN).

SAM will prepare and distribute all year-end W-2’s, W-3’s, quarterly and year-end tax reports, and make your payments.  Now you can eliminate your CPA costs and fines for late deliveries, while enjoying 100% accuracy and timely submission.

The average payroll processing consumes anywhere from 8-20 hours monthly. Now imagine all those hours dedicated to the growth and progress of your company. The benefit is clear: you gain improved business focus and a more productive use of time and resources.

We even offer direct deposit. And our local service means nobody goes home without a correct paycheck.

For the business owner, that’s payroll simplified.